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Crossmopolitans group


The "Latin american classical crossover“ ensemble “Crossmopolitans” was founded and based on the idea of building bridges between classical and popular music.

Acros Trio group. From left to right: Alejandro Loguercio, Andrés Añazco and Cäcilia Altenberger

02Acros Trio

Alejandro Loguercio is both the violinist and founder of the renowned Acros Trio.

Garufa group


The ensemble “Garufa!” combines Tango with comedy and theater was formed in 2010 and consists of four members one of whom is Alejandro Loguercio.

Max Steiner Orchestra

04Max Steiner Orchestra

The Max Steiner Orchestra was founded in 2013, since which Alejandro Loguercio has been its first concertmaster.

Ksenija Sidorova concert with Alejandro Loguercio

05Collaboration with other musicians

Alejandro Loguercio regularly plays in different projects together with other famous musicians.